Session 24

Two Groups in the Rain

The group in the lower level of the barracks moved quickly and quietly with Brigitte leading the way. At the far end of a lit corridor, Brigitte was able to subdue someone that they later recognized from among the workers in the kitchen above. After binding up that person, they took up position around a barely open door to see what was on the other side.

The other group got ready to enter the place. Erich charged in through the front door, trying to chase down Hochen. He didn’t spot anyone in the dimly lit front room. He then turned up the stairway where, when he reach the top, someone else tried to shove him back down the stairs. Erich had the quicker reaction, though, and was able to catch him up in his arms. While he still had him in the bear hug, Erich quickly headed back down stairs, calling for Bastian to join him.

Cutting back to the first group, after a short discussion, Brigitte snuck in and moved into one of the corners. Gorfrey then cleared his throat loudly, making sure to draw the attention of all the others in the room in front of him. He also used his prodigious dwarfen frame to block the door.

Helga, the head cook from upstairs, turned to see what was going on when the dwarf attempted to stare her down. Rather than try act against him, she started asking questions that the dwarf did not seem to interested in answering. Once the dwarf had had enough and tried to use his crossbow to silence her, she ordered the others to “get him.”



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