Gorfrey Bellhewer, Agent of the Engineer Guild of Karak Azgaraz and Renaissance Dwarf of the World


Gorfrey Bellhewer is 4 1/2 feet tall with a very stocky build. He has dark brown hair and a dark brown beard that is now filled out but is not very long yet.


  • Strength – 3
  • Toughness – 3
  • Agility – 3
  • Intelligence – 3
  • Willpower – 4
  • Fellowship – 3


  • Hand Crossbows (2) – 12 bolts each
  • Damage – 4
  • Critical – 3
  • Range – close
  • Special Quality – reload


  • Leather
  • Defense – 0
  • Soak – 2


  • Traveling clothes
  • Spare set of clothes (in bag)
  • Knickknacks
  • Tinderbox
  • Candles
  • Hand Axe
  • Common writing tools
  • Dwarf from Karak Azgaraz, currently 100 years old, one of 12 children.
  • The Bellhewer clan is a very large extended family whose name comes from the legend of a dwarf who struck down a foe with such mighty force that he actually cleaved a great bronze bell in two.
  • Solidly middle class, educated, and literate, but not personally wealthy.
  • Extremely well read, with emphasis on Folklore (especially as it relates to geography) and History.
  • Currently serving as an apprentice agent to the Dwarven Engineer Guild in Karak Azgaraz.
  • Personal goals are to win esteem for his guild and family, expand his knowledge of the world and earn a personal fortune that will assist him in reaching the first two goals.
  • Fairly religious – after all, alcohol is involved.
  • Hates greenskins, skaven, and anyone who works against the Engineer guild.
  • Carries a signet ring with the seal of the guild.
  • Extremely loyal to guild, family, and friends.
  • In addition to hating those already mentioned, also loathes craven cowards, meatheads, anti-intellectuals, and anyone who hinders the gaining of knowledge. The latter category can be broad, including bookburners and those who would do harm to scholars, books, libraries, etc. Also includes those scholars and librarians who are lazy or lackadaisical in their jobs.


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