Session 4
Where the PCs finally leave the city behind

Getting things back on track, the players started off tonight’s session by spending advances and gaining some new abilities.

Back to the story:
A couple of days after the last events in the forest, the characters had a chance to rest and recuperate. Bastian also took the time to tend to the plant he had found in the forest. With a bit of luck and skill, he salvaged the plant that was nearly damaged beyond repair after the group fled the minotaur that sought to make a meal of them.

Gorfrey didn’t get to experience the thrills of the forest as he had been tending to some paperwork for the dwarfen engineers guild.

This morning, the group headed over to the Red Moon Inn where they met with Herr Hendrick who had already prepared the wagon for the trek to Grunewald Lodge. Herr Hendrick was feeling much better after having used some of the cuttings from the plant that Bastian had provided.

The trip took the better part of a day. By late afternoon the party had noticed shadowy figures trailing the wagon, flitting through the trees that ran alongside the old road they were following to the lodge. The barest glimpse of red was enough to cause the wood elf Taya to loose an arrow into the woods. The arrow didn’t seem to connect.

After about another hour and some, the wood elf had held off long enough, despite the Gorfrey’s protestations that they should wait in case they were being herded into an ambush. Taya reasoned that if they were headed into an ambush, it would be better to take the fight to them first. She then loosed an arrow that connected with something that never came out after them. However, there were several other beastmen willing to take up the slack.

As the beastmen swarmed the wagon, the driver, egged on by Herr Hendick, whipped the horses into a run. Some of the beastmen managed to catch on to the side of the wagon. Others, caught off guard by Gorfrey pulling out his crossbows and fixing them with a baleful stare, missed the side of the wagon, one even falling under wheel, and had to give chase.

Thus began the chase that brought the wagon to the walls of Grunewald Lodge. Along the way, the trio had to deal with multiple ungors throwing themselves along the sides of the wagon, clamboring over the sides and trying to end the lives of those who had dared come through the forest. The gor that was leading them on seemed to be herding the wagon towards the lodge.

After a brief run from the bestmen, the horses rounded a bend and the characters could see the walls surrounding the lodge as the forest opened up into a glade many yards across the left a wide open field that the trio realized would allow those maybe guarding the walls could see across and potentially help the trio. At the same time, another group of beastmen came out onto the road behind the wagon looking to end the lives of the wagon’s occupants as well as those of the inhabitants of the lodge. Herr Hendrick’s reaction was to scream more at the driver as well as to let loose with a string of invectives that impressed even the dwarf.

As the wagon covered the grassy field, the trio and Herr Hendrick noticed the gates being closed as they drew near. Herr Hendrick renewed his invectives and the trio let out a collective groan as the beastmen renewed their efforts. At this point, the (now) two gor latched onto the back of the wagon with their curved horns peeking over the edge.

As one of the gor deftly jumped up onto the wagon, Gorfrey reacted by grabbing the nearest heavy object in the back of the wagon and throwing it at the gor. As the barrel exploded in a frothy mist, Gorfrey realized it had been a barrel of ale. The collective “NOOOO” from the walls surrounding the lodge let him know that his effort had not gone unnoticed. He knew he would have to come up with a response to that.

After a few more exchanges of blows with the beastmen, the trio made one final collective blow. Bastian and Taya successfully landed solid slashes with their weapons that ended the lives of the two gors that had nearly overwhelmed them. This broke the morale of the ungors, who turned to flee into the woods. Taya was able to kill a couple of the retreating beastmen with accurate shots from her recently acquired bow. The satisfaction she felt as she collected their ears left her with a smirk.

Overheard during the game:

Session 3

The players, still short one dwarf, return to the Roaring Hearth after a successful foray into the Reikwald Forest for some herbs. Once there they are given a short letter from Herr Hendrick explaining their trip to the lodge will be delayed as he’s eaten some bad flounder and says he would be very appreciative if anyone would go into the forest to retrieve a particular herb for him.

Bastian Ruth realizes that the herb he has requested is actually a bit poisonous and figures a different herb would actually work much better for him (unless he really was feeling death would be a better alternative to dealing with the flounder coursing through his digestive system). The party decides to head out into the forest to see what they could find for Herr Hendrick.

As they get to the city gates, Bastian Ruth catches sight of someone that he points out to Sysha Vespare. They quickly realize that the one they saw was the same one that had taken Sysha Vespare‘s coin purse earlier that day. Before they can do anything to him, he sees them in return, eyes widening in recognition, and runs quickly into the mess of people heading further into the city. Taya doesn’t see the would-be thief due to an errant banner flipping across her face and scratching her mildly.

Heading out into the woods, they search for the herb to help Herr Hendrick and Bastian Ruth finds a perfect specimen of the herb and successfully manages to not only extract a very good sample for a treatment, but also a good portion of the plant for transplanting into a new pot back in the city where he could potentially use it for future herb harvesting.

Before the party can return to the city, they are set upon by a number of gor that quickly surround them, taking them off-guard. As they attempt to react, the wood elf quickly starts flashing her blades left and right, making relatively quick work of the gor that surround her. The smile and laughter playing across her lips catch the other two unaware as Taya revels in the combat with the beastmen.

The other two fare a little worse, taking some wounds from the fierce, savage claws of the beastmen before Taya finishes off her enemies and moves to help her companions. Soon after, the bodies of the beastment lay at their feet as they try to catch their breath when some trees are knocked down due to a massive shape moving into view. The realization that a minotaur has stepped into view causing each of them to panic a bit but Taya steps in front of the others, telling them to run while she holds this creature at bay. Sysha Vespare, through sheer strength of presence, manages to convince Taya that it’s better to run now than die at the hands of that creature.

The trio runs as fast as they can through the woods, scrambling this way and that looking for a suitable hiding place. Finally Bastian Ruth is able to find some cover for hiding. They cram in together, holding their collective breath, as the minotaur nears, its heavy breath loud and foreboding. They wait while the minotaur sniffs the air a few times before stomping off in direction they can’t see from their hiding place. As one, they let out a collective sigh and catch their breath.

This was a bit too tense for all of them. They decide discretion is the better part of valor as they return back to Ubersreik. As they start back, Bastian Ruth realizes he’s crushed the plant during his panicked flight. He hopes to recover the plant once they get back to town and he replants it and gives it some care.

Overheard in tonight’s game:
Sysha Vespare to Taya, while convincing her to run from the minotaur:
“If you die, they win.”

Session 2

Gorfrey had to attend to guild business in a separate part of Ubersreik so it was up to Taya and Bastian to return to the Roaring Hearth Inn and meet up with the fourth member of their group who was still trying to recover from the festivities of the previous night. After some tea that produced some unexpected results, the three headed for the city gates to get out into the woods and out of the city for a while.

When they reached the gates, Sysha had an unexpected brush up against a person walking the opposite direction. It was only due to the sharp eyes of the wood elf that the trio was able to notice the sudden lightening of Sysha’s belt as her coin purse was taken.

Hilarity ensued in a manner quite like a Keystone Cops chase as one party member after another fell in the mud around the Marketstrasse in their attempts to recover that which was theirs.

Once the missing coin purse was retrieved successfully, the three set out from the city and passed the time searching for herbs and testing the new bow with target practice.

No fat grey squirrels were harmed in the events of the day.

Overheard in the game:
Sysha (when confronting the pickpocket): “Gimmebackmypursethat’smymoneyyoucan’thaveititdoesn’tbelongtoyouit’sminewhydidyoutakeitgiveitback!”

Session 1
Everything has a beginning

Tonight marked the last of character creation. The party of Gorfrey, Bastian Ruth, Taya, and Sysha has been composed and received word of their first task as a group.

Gorfrey received a missive from the Dwarfs’ Engineers Guild:

Esteemed Gorfrey,

I send this missive hoping it finds you in good health and spirits.

As the newest representative of our guild in the Old World, you have quite a burden to carry to prove yourself worthy of the trust and responsibility placed on you by the elders of the Engineers Guild.

As you know, from time to time you will be called upon to further the interests of the guild. This is one of those times.

A known associate and sometimes business partner of the guild, Aschaffenberg, has summoned assistance from our guild to help his son who has recently relocated to a family hunting cabin not far from Ubersreik.

We have no specific details to provide you at this time. Meet with his man‚ąíservant, Vern Hendrick, at the Red Moon Inn.

This will call for discretion, but it is not to be undertaken alone. Make sure that any you are able to act with the same discretion. His manservant will have details for your transportation to the hunting cabin.

Additionally, this work will yield 6 shillings per day for you and each of your associates along with expenses incurred. This was previously negotiated by the guild so the manservant should not find this a surprise.

Send back word when you have completed this mission via the normal channels.

Rurik Agnarsson
Assistant to the Lead Black Powder Engineer
Engineers Guild

Overheard in tonight’s game:
Dwarf to Elf: “Do you know how to use a bow?”
Elf response to Dwarf: “Do you drink beer?”

More later. Excited to be playing.

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