Session 25
I Didn't Mean to do That

Coming Soon

Session 24
Two Groups in the Rain

The group in the lower level of the barracks moved quickly and quietly with Brigitte leading the way. At the far end of a lit corridor, Brigitte was able to subdue someone that they later recognized from among the workers in the kitchen above. After binding up that person, they took up position around a barely open door to see what was on the other side.

The other group got ready to enter the place. Erich charged in through the front door, trying to chase down Hochen. He didn’t spot anyone in the dimly lit front room. He then turned up the stairway where, when he reach the top, someone else tried to shove him back down the stairs. Erich had the quicker reaction, though, and was able to catch him up in his arms. While he still had him in the bear hug, Erich quickly headed back down stairs, calling for Bastian to join him.

Cutting back to the first group, after a short discussion, Brigitte snuck in and moved into one of the corners. Gorfrey then cleared his throat loudly, making sure to draw the attention of all the others in the room in front of him. He also used his prodigious dwarfen frame to block the door.

Helga, the head cook from upstairs, turned to see what was going on when the dwarf attempted to stare her down. Rather than try act against him, she started asking questions that the dwarf did not seem to interested in answering. Once the dwarf had had enough and tried to use his crossbow to silence her, she ordered the others to “get him.”

Session 23
When the Champagne Flowed

Gorfrey, Taya, and Erich trained in the courtyard, trying to impress the others training around them. Taya made Erich look like the boss. Gorfrey snapped out a surprise shot from his crossbow. In short, they were noticed and the others nodded their approval.

Bastian and Brigitte questioned the servants in the kitchen. Helga (the cook) had feelings for Pietr and seemed to be a bit choked up when given the news of his death. Found out the guards tended to patronize the Stewpot and the militia favored the Thunderwater Inn. Curiously, Helga seemed to favor the drink a bit much.

Sysha headed to the town hall on an errand for Captain Kessler. There she met with the Burgomeister’s clerk. Sysha was trying to hide evidence of the document theft and the clerk was less than impressed with Sysha’s organizational skills. The clerk then helped Sysha understand the layout of the files and seemed to ease up on the attitude.

The group met up once more at dinner time where they discussed next steps with some having the intent of checking in on the cook and others heading to the Stewpot to reconnoiter under the cover of Sysha’s performance.

Just before the group could split up, they saw Hochen step out of the Stewpot. Before they could react, he saw them and they shared a tense moment of recognition. Then Hochen turned tail and ran. Taya, Erich, and Bastian gave chase while the others rushed to the garrison to check on Helga.

The chasers split up with Taya seeking the high ground, Bastian sticking to the shadows, and the burly Erich making himself the obvious chaser to keep Hochen from slowing down or turning around to fight. Erich was a bit too good and scared Hochen enough that Hochen lost his footing and slid in the mud,. He scrambled to his feet, barely looking back, as he led them to a dilapidated building up against the city wall. Taya took up position on the roof overlooking the side door. Erich made lots of noise at the front door and Bastian moved into position to cover the side door.

The others initially found Helga in the kitchen where Brigitte tried to gain Helga’s confidence as the others watched through a window. Helga kept demanding a name, but Brigitte wouldn’t (couldn’t?) share it with her which only served to frustrate Helga who felt Brigitte was withholding the information from her. Eventually, Brigitte said she had heard that the name “Gregor” was involved somehow. Helga implored Brigitte to bring any new information about Gregor to her before turning it over to Captain Kessler. Brigitte then “left” but actually hid outside with the others to spy on Helga.

Helga disappeared from view and the three spies followed her into the garrison. They were initially confused because there did not appear to be a door Helga could have used. After some searching, they (much to their chagrin) realized Helga must have used the cellar entrance they found in the floor behind a counter.

Gorfrey led the way down and the others joined him. Together, the trio looked around a cold cellar area and Brigitte noticed the lit lantern hanging off the wall. They also found a hole in the wall that looked like it was recently and deliberately made, which must have been the cook’s only means of egress.

Session 22
The Meeting with Captain Kessler

The group wrapped their meeting with Lector Magnus and then headed over to meet up with Sysha and have lunch. While there, Brigitte exerted some influence to make Erich behave, saying he could only use “Please” “Thank you” and “Yes, Ma’am” given his last encounter with the cook.

Meeting with Kessler. Went well and was only helped more by the attendance of Lector Magnus. It gave the group some credibility. They were offiically asked to investigate the corruption. He’s worried that others may have been affected at the Garrison. Gave us permission to see the Burgomeister with the understanding that the corruption would be resolved first. The thinking was that Bastian might be able to help cure what ails him.

  • Sysha got hired to help with paperwork.
  • Brigitte and Bastian were to question the workers subtly.

Quotes of the night: “I am yes scary. Please.” and “We’re looking for a merchant by the name of I-don’t-have-my-book-today.”

Session 21
For Realz this time

The group got Pietr out of town unseen and Bastian tried to play good doctor to get info. That didn’t work as well as hoped.
Gorfrey ended up intimidating Pietr for information. That worked better. Some key pieces they learned included:

  • Pietr brought Gregor to here to recover.
  • Gregor almost back to full strength.
  • Gregor in some place that Pietr once knew in the area.
  • The two met in Ubersreik.
  • Pietr was more afraid of what Gregor might do to him than of death.

Almost as if on cue, Pietr started oozing puss from every opening and started convulsing (signs of corruption). Taya shot him without hesitation and Gorfrey directed Brigitte to burn the body.

The group worked together to concoct a false story about being ambushed by Pietr during a training session. With that story ready, they went to Sigmar’s temple to reveal the corruption where they met the overzealous acolyte (Claudwig) and the head of the temple (Lector Magnus) who took the group to the basements to talk more openly and shared that he recognized the group from the dreams he’d been having.

His dreams portrayed the group as heroes and showed the beastmen burning Stromdorf with the dead clawing up from somewhere (they weren’t sure if it was from graves or somewhere else). Additionally, he saw dancing green devils before a hungry maw consuming innocents. Finally he saw Stromdorf sunk beneath a lake.

Lector Magnus will go with us to meet up with Captain Kessler after lunch.

Not Session 21
The Mulligan Session

Let us never speak of it again.

Session 20
And the party comes back together

[Dice rolled a bit more in the players’ favor tonight. Was really necessary given the poor rolls last session.]

  • At the Town Hall:
    • Brigitte and Taya managed to get the drop on the three stalkers.
    • They quickly made quick work of two of the stalkers and wounded the third, choosing to let this one live (after cutting off his sword hand and watching him go into shock), but also chose to take him with them so they could find out what he knew later on.
    • They made some noise when one of the other two fell back out the window they had come in and fell to the ground below.
    • Looking around, they chose to flee out past the secretary’s alcove, run down the hall and exit from the far side of the building.
    • After a few tense moments in the downpour as they tried to flee stealthily during which they nearly lost the paperwork that Brigitte had secreted away, they managed to make their way back to the Thunderwater Inn, hiding until the others returned.
  • At the Stewpot:
    • Sysha saw the three at the table and recognized the one from earlier that morning, but was really shocked to see him brandishing a dagger
    • Bastian caught on to the looks from Sysha and figured out what was happnening. Performing a bit of sleight-of-hand himself, he managed to slip a concoction into their drinks. This led to some not-so-fun moments for that trio.
    • Erich initially followed them to the lavatory but quickly decided to wait just outside the door until the performance ended.
    • Sysha’s performance improved during the second half, so much so that Captain Kessler chose to extend an invitation to Sysha and her companions to visit with him the next day so they could ask him the questions they’d been wanting to ask.
    • Erich got Gorfrey’s attention and the dwarf conducted an impromptu questioning of the three, managing to get two of them to turn on the third in exchange for a bit of antidote. They didn’t really know much of worth but were still able to get some relief.
    • Gorfrey and Erich escorted the third person out the back door and “convinced” him to fill in the rest of the blanks.
    • Once things wrapped up, the group returned to the Thunderwater Inn.

[GM to add notes later.]

Session 19
Splitting the Party
  • At the Stewpot:
    • Sysha worked on her performance and had a rocky first half.
    • Gorfrey had a table to himself.
    • Bastian made a poultice for Gorfrey (the application of which led to Gorfrey having the table to himself)
    • Bastian sat at another table where Sysha’s parents sat with Captain Kessler.
    • Erich worked as the bouncer during the performance.
    • At another table sat some people that nobody (initially) paid attention to.
  • At the Town Hall:
    • Taya and Brigitte decided to use that time to sneak to the town hall at the center of town and snoop around for informaion about the missing merchant.
    • Brigitte found some paperwork that seemed to be related to the merchant and stuffed it in her coat to protect it from the elements when they left.
    • Before they could leave, Taya and Brigitte heard movement at the window and hid in the shadows
    • Three figures entered the room, specifically seeking out those two.
    • Taya managed to recognize one of them.

[GM’s Note: Add details from notes soon.]

Session 18
A Little Family Time

[Session started with the characters at the Stewpot Hostelry.

  • Sysha spent much time talking with the halfling that runs the place.
  • One of the watchmen seemed interested in Sysha as she tried speaking with the watchmen.
  • Another of the watchmen attempted to chat up Brigitte.
  • That was cut short as Taya pulled back her hood. His reaction was to stop talking very suddenly after getting a good look at her, then standing up to leave, taking the rest of the watchmen with him.
  • After that point, Taya made sure to keep her hood up and her face hidden. She didn’t want a repeat of that reaction.
  • The group visited the blacksmith. Bastian planned to return to get his axe sharpened.
  • Taya and Brigitte went to the Temple of Sigmar and spoke with the acolyte that was watching the altar. No pews were in this particular temple.
  • Massive bolt of lightning struck the temple as Brigitte tried looking behind the heavy curtains to see the heavy double doors. The crash of thunder that accompanied the lightning caused everyone in the temple to suddenly be hard of hearing. Taya, standing near the open doorway, was less affected.
  • Bastian returned from the blacksmith after getting his axe sharpened and saw the lightning strike the temple.
  • Sysha spent some time visiting her parents. Erich came with and was sent to the kitchen to get some food as the hired help.
  • Erich started getting along well with the cook but managed to insert foot into opened mouth by saying, “Well, you’re just useless to me.” The sandwich was promptly taken away.
  • Sysha invited her parents to see her perform that night at the stewpot. She asked them to invite the acting head of the town.

Quotes of the night:

  • “Can you tell the pianist to keep it down?”
  • “It sounded like I smell.”
  • “I’m going conservative.” “Why?” “Because I don’t want him to poop on me.”
Session 17

The group comes face-to-face with a group (a quiver?) of wood elves who belonged to the same kindred that Taya’s brother joined after Taya left the Athel Loren. Taya engaged them in a surprisingly verbose conversation (certainly she used more words than any of hew new companions had ever heard her use in all the time they had known her). After a not-lengthy and not-particularly-friendly exchange, the others disappeared into the night’s downpour, taking the young elf with them.

When asked what the conversation was about, Taya returned to her usual laconic self and would only say that her brother wanted her home and that she wasn’t going.

[Not entirely certain what else happened during the session, but the next session starts with the group eating at the Stewpot so they must have gotten some rest and then headed for breakfast.]


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