Not Session 21
The Mulligan Session

Let us never speak of it again.

Session 20
And the party comes back together

[Dice rolled a bit more in the players’ favor tonight. Was really necessary given the poor rolls last session.]

  • At the Town Hall:
    • Brigitte and Taya managed to get the drop on the three stalkers.
    • They quickly made quick work of two of the stalkers and wounded the third, choosing to let this one live (after cutting off his sword hand and watching him go into shock), but also chose to take him with them so they could find out what he knew later on.
    • They made some noise when one of the other two fell back out the window they had come in and fell to the ground below.
    • Looking around, they chose to flee out past the secretary’s alcove, run down the hall and exit from the far side of the building.
    • After a few tense moments in the downpour as they tried to flee stealthily during which they nearly lost the paperwork that Brigitte had secreted away, they managed to make their way back to the Thunderwater Inn, hiding until the others returned.
  • At the Stewpot:
    • Sysha saw the three at the table and recognized the one from earlier that morning, but was really shocked to see him brandishing a dagger
    • Bastian caught on to the looks from Sysha and figured out what was happnening. Performing a bit of sleight-of-hand himself, he managed to slip a concoction into their drinks. This led to some not-so-fun moments for that trio.
    • Erich initially followed them to the lavatory but quickly decided to wait just outside the door until the performance ended.
    • Sysha’s performance improved during the second half, so much so that Captain Kessler chose to extend an invitation to Sysha and her companions to visit with him the next day so they could ask him the questions they’d been wanting to ask.
    • Erich got Gorfrey’s attention and the dwarf conducted an impromptu questioning of the three, managing to get two of them to turn on the third in exchange for a bit of antidote. They didn’t really know much of worth but were still able to get some relief.
    • Gorfrey and Erich escorted the third person out the back door and “convinced” him to fill in the rest of the blanks.
    • Once things wrapped up, the group returned to the Thunderwater Inn.

[GM to add notes later.]

Session 19
Splitting the Party
  • At the Stewpot:
    • Sysha worked on her performance and had a rocky first half.
    • Gorfrey had a table to himself.
    • Bastian made a poultice for Gorfrey (the application of which led to Gorfrey having the table to himself)
    • Bastian sat at another table where Sysha’s parents sat with Captain Kessler.
    • Erich worked as the bouncer during the performance.
    • At another table sat some people that nobody (initially) paid attention to.
  • At the Town Hall:
    • Taya and Brigitte decided to use that time to sneak to the town hall at the center of town and snoop around for informaion about the missing merchant.
    • Brigitte found some paperwork that seemed to be related to the merchant and stuffed it in her coat to protect it from the elements when they left.
    • Before they could leave, Taya and Brigitte heard movement at the window and hid in the shadows
    • Three figures entered the room, specifically seeking out those two.
    • Taya managed to recognize one of them.

[GM’s Note: Add details from notes soon.]

Session 18
A Little Family Time

[Session started with the characters at the Stewpot Hostelry.

  • Sysha spent much time talking with the halfling that runs the place.
  • One of the watchmen seemed interested in Sysha as she tried speaking with the watchmen.
  • Another of the watchmen attempted to chat up Brigitte.
  • That was cut short as Taya pulled back her hood. His reaction was to stop talking very suddenly after getting a good look at her, then standing up to leave, taking the rest of the watchmen with him.
  • After that point, Taya made sure to keep her hood up and her face hidden. She didn’t want a repeat of that reaction.
  • The group visited the blacksmith. Bastian planned to return to get his axe sharpened.
  • Taya and Brigitte went to the Temple of Sigmar and spoke with the acolyte that was watching the altar. No pews were in this particular temple.
  • Massive bolt of lightning struck the temple as Brigitte tried looking behind the heavy curtains to see the heavy double doors. The crash of thunder that accompanied the lightning caused everyone in the temple to suddenly be hard of hearing. Taya, standing near the open doorway, was less affected.
  • Bastian returned from the blacksmith after getting his axe sharpened and saw the lightning strike the temple.
  • Sysha spent some time visiting her parents. Erich came with and was sent to the kitchen to get some food as the hired help.
  • Erich started getting along well with the cook but managed to insert foot into opened mouth by saying, “Well, you’re just useless to me.” The sandwich was promptly taken away.
  • Sysha invited her parents to see her perform that night at the stewpot. She asked them to invite the acting head of the town.

Quotes of the night:

  • “Can you tell the pianist to keep it down?”
  • “It sounded like I smell.”
  • “I’m going conservative.” “Why?” “Because I don’t want him to poop on me.”
Session 17

The group comes face-to-face with a group (a quiver?) of wood elves who belonged to the same kindred that Taya’s brother joined after Taya left the Athel Loren. Taya engaged them in a surprisingly verbose conversation (certainly she used more words than any of hew new companions had ever heard her use in all the time they had known her). After a not-lengthy and not-particularly-friendly exchange, the others disappeared into the night’s downpour, taking the young elf with them.

When asked what the conversation was about, Taya returned to her usual laconic self and would only say that her brother wanted her home and that she wasn’t going.

[Not entirely certain what else happened during the session, but the next session starts with the group eating at the Stewpot so they must have gotten some rest and then headed for breakfast.]

Session 16
What did he say?

Tonight’s session revolved around trying to stop/capture/what-have-you the cloaked figure that had placed an arrow in front of Taya with an eerie bit of accuracy.

Bullet points of tonight’s events:

  • The rain continues to fall and what should have been hard-packed dirt is very soft mud.
  • Figure turned out to be a very young elf
  • Figure was unarmed. No weapons of any kind were found on this figure.
  • The figure could not speak specifics when particular questions were asked. This also applied to when the figure tried to write the answers.
  • The heroes performed some first aid on the figure to try to make up for the attempted killing.

When things ended, Brigitte noticed several figures out in the rain approaching with weapons at the ready. Bastian stands alone outside in front of the barn where the others remain, talking with the captured elf.

Quote of the night: Gorfrey to Brigitta “Yeah, we ARE going to stay here and have a beer. Except for you. You are going to go and find Taya.”

Honorable mention (OOC): “I feel a disturbance in the Force, as if a million party members cried out, ‘You asshole!’”

Session 15
A New Face, A New Town

[GM Notes: In this session, We had a player join us and all the characters traveled from Ubersreik to Stromdorf. Details need to be added here. Maybe one of the players will add that info? Who knows?]

Bullet points of events:

  • The new character is Erich, a human thug – a character hailing from the docks section of Ubersreik. More details need to be fleshed out (including creating the rest of the character).
  • Erich and Brigitte traveled to Stromdorf via boat. Erich was able to get a kickback from the dockhand unbeknownst to Brigitte.
  • Brigitte saved the boat and most of the crew by making an amazing check to steer the boat to shore after the collapsed bridge swpet the ship’s captain overboard and nearly capsized the boat.
  • In Stromdorf, Brigitte and Erich found the inn where the others were staying.
  • Taya headed to the inn from the nearby barn to talk with the others. As she headed back, a launched arrow was shot into the doorframe just in front of her. Sensing this to be an attack, she signaled for the others and took refuge in the barn.
  • Eventually joined by the others, Taya led the chase/attack to capture the figure that shot the arrow at her.
Session 14
From One Town to Another

[GM Note: This session happened the day before Thanksgiving (the U.S. version) and was quite enjoyable.]

The heroes (is that what they call them?) have decided they had enough information to start their search for the missing merchant and they are anxious to resume the search for the people that fled from the lodge. They were a bit put out they were not able to get help from the Sigmarites and couldn’t get access to the Tower of Magnus. I guess the world really is out to get them.

They headed out by foot for their journey to Stromdorf the next morning. They were unable to find any indication of Brigitte so Gorfrey, Taya, and Bastian decided to start their journey without her. They did leave a note for her in the assumption that Brigitte could read and would be able to learn of their journey.

There was really no delay seen on the first day. The way was brightly lit and the sun and few clouds in the sky were a welcome respite from the memories of the evening battle with the beastmen and cultists at the hunting lodge. Taya showed some skill in providing rabbit for a nice hot meal when they stopped their journey for the day.

Waking up to day 2, the adventurers were greeted with a cloudy and overcast sky. They continued their journey and were soon walking in a gentle rain. They had a brief stop for a cold lunch as there was no cover for them to use to light a fire and they knew they would not be able to keep it lit otherwise. The leftover rabbit provided a subtle reminder of the warmth from last night’s fire but it wasn’t enough to provide a respite.

Shortly after lunch, as the adventurers resumed their journey, the sky opened up with a vengeance as the wind and rain really started to pummel them. Taya seemed almost happy as she reveled in the feeling of being truly away from the city and back in the natural environment for a change.

[GM note: More later.]

Session 13
A New Face

[GM Note: This session actually happened almost a month ago (Nov 1) but I am only just now getting around to typing up the notes.]

After breakfast wrapped up, the players separated into a couple of groups.

The first group consisted of the wood elf and the new face that interrupted their normal activities the night previous. The wood elf took her around to look for a new dagger that she might be able to use to defend herself.

After some haggling with the blacksmith, they were able to get a decent blade. He then sent them across the way to his brother’s leather shop to get a sheathe for the new blade. It turned out that the leather worker was the same one that had worked on Taya’s ear bandolier after the group’s return from the Grunewald Lodge. He actually gave them a small discount for the sheathe, which worked rather well for the duo since they didn’t have a lot of coin left at this point.

Once done with that, the two of them headed outside the city walls, much to Brigitte’s consternation and hesitation, to practice with the blade. After she was reassured that the walls would always be within view, they set out a few paces from the walls to the tree line and Taya spent the next few hours getting Brigitte used to the feel of the dagger when holding it and throwing it.

[Todo: More goes here]

Session 12

[After a bit of a hiatus (due to the GM moving), the game resumes!]

The players continue their movement around Ubersreik. They’ve been trying to glean some information with little significant success. This has led them to conclude they must consult with the Temple of Sigmar and (potentially) the residents of Magnus’ Tower to learn ways to hunt down and root out the cult leader that fled from the hunting lodge.

After an uneventful day, the apothecary decided he wanted to learn more about how the narcotic-like poison they’d been infected with at the hunting lodge worked and mixed some of the salvaged powder into his tea. He thinks he’s figured out what part of the taste stands out from untainted tea, but he’s still not quite up to the task of shrugging off the effects.

The trio then started to head back to their lodgings unaware of the figure that followed them.
Once back at the lodgings, the three went to their respective rooms. Eventually, though, Gorfrey decided he needed to get out for a bit of a jaunt. As he headed to the Artisans Quarter, the same figure followed him. HOwever, this time, Taya noticed the figure and decided fair was fair and followed as well.

Gorfrey managed to find the house of ill repute he’d been seeking and, after parting with some silver, headed in. The figure stayed in the shadows waiting for his eventual exit.

Taya, managing to slip up close with the eerie grace of the wood elves, calmly tapped the figure on the shoulder and received a response of “Please don’t hurt me!” After a few moments of conversation, Taya decided she should take the figure, a human female, to go talk to the boss, Gorfrey. However, they were stopped by the same person that allowed Gorfrey to enter the building.

Reconsidering the idea, despite the bouncer’s offer to let them both in for the price of one, Taya marched the female back to their lodgings where she introduced her to Bastian. AFter more discussion, the three headed indoors where the female, whose name they learned was Brigitte, was allowed to sleep under Taya’s watchful eye until Gorfrey’s return.

As the sun came up the next morning, Gorfrey, with a spring in his step, returned to the lodging and he spoke with Bastian about Brigitte. Eventually all four of them spoke together and it was decided that Brigitte would join them. Taya was tasked with acquiring a suitable blade for Brigitte’s use and showing her a bit of how to defend herself.

Quote of the session:
“She’s a thief.”
“That could be useful.”
“Why does everyone keep saying that?”


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