Session 16
What did he say?

Tonight’s session revolved around trying to stop/capture/what-have-you the cloaked figure that had placed an arrow in front of Taya with an eerie bit of accuracy.

Bullet points of tonight’s events:

  • The rain continues to fall and what should have been hard-packed dirt is very soft mud.
  • Figure turned out to be a very young elf
  • Figure was unarmed. No weapons of any kind were found on this figure.
  • The figure could not speak specifics when particular questions were asked. This also applied to when the figure tried to write the answers.
  • The heroes performed some first aid on the figure to try to make up for the attempted killing.

When things ended, Brigitte noticed several figures out in the rain approaching with weapons at the ready. Bastian stands alone outside in front of the barn where the others remain, talking with the captured elf.

Quote of the night: Gorfrey to Brigitta “Yeah, we ARE going to stay here and have a beer. Except for you. You are going to go and find Taya.”

Honorable mention (OOC): “I feel a disturbance in the Force, as if a million party members cried out, ‘You asshole!’”

Session 15
A New Face, A New Town

[GM Notes: In this session, We had a player join us and all the characters traveled from Ubersreik to Stromdorf. Details need to be added here. Maybe one of the players will add that info? Who knows?]

Bullet points of events:

  • The new character is Erich, a human thug – a character hailing from the docks section of Ubersreik. More details need to be fleshed out (including creating the rest of the character).
  • Erich and Brigitte traveled to Stromdorf via boat. Erich was able to get a kickback from the dockhand unbeknownst to Brigitte.
  • Brigitte saved the boat and most of the crew by making an amazing check to steer the boat to shore after the collapsed bridge swpet the ship’s captain overboard and nearly capsized the boat.
  • In Stromdorf, Brigitte and Erich found the inn where the others were staying.
  • Taya headed to the inn from the nearby barn to talk with the others. As she headed back, a launched arrow was shot into the doorframe just in front of her. Sensing this to be an attack, she signaled for the others and took refuge in the barn.
  • Eventually joined by the others, Taya led the chase/attack to capture the figure that shot the arrow at her.
Session 14
From One Town to Another

[GM Note: This session happened the day before Thanksgiving (the U.S. version) and was quite enjoyable.]

The heroes (is that what they call them?) have decided they had enough information to start their search for the missing merchant and they are anxious to resume the search for the people that fled from the lodge. They were a bit put out they were not able to get help from the Sigmarites and couldn’t get access to the Tower of Magnus. I guess the world really is out to get them.

They headed out by foot for their journey to Stromdorf the next morning. They were unable to find any indication of Brigitte so Gorfrey, Taya, and Bastian decided to start their journey without her. They did leave a note for her in the assumption that Brigitte could read and would be able to learn of their journey.

There was really no delay seen on the first day. The way was brightly lit and the sun and few clouds in the sky were a welcome respite from the memories of the evening battle with the beastmen and cultists at the hunting lodge. Taya showed some skill in providing rabbit for a nice hot meal when they stopped their journey for the day.

Waking up to day 2, the adventurers were greeted with a cloudy and overcast sky. They continued their journey and were soon walking in a gentle rain. They had a brief stop for a cold lunch as there was no cover for them to use to light a fire and they knew they would not be able to keep it lit otherwise. The leftover rabbit provided a subtle reminder of the warmth from last night’s fire but it wasn’t enough to provide a respite.

Shortly after lunch, as the adventurers resumed their journey, the sky opened up with a vengeance as the wind and rain really started to pummel them. Taya seemed almost happy as she reveled in the feeling of being truly away from the city and back in the natural environment for a change.

[GM note: More later.]

Session 13
A New Face

[GM Note: This session actually happened almost a month ago (Nov 1) but I am only just now getting around to typing up the notes.]

After breakfast wrapped up, the players separated into a couple of groups.

The first group consisted of the wood elf and the new face that interrupted their normal activities the night previous. The wood elf took her around to look for a new dagger that she might be able to use to defend herself.

After some haggling with the blacksmith, they were able to get a decent blade. He then sent them across the way to his brother’s leather shop to get a sheathe for the new blade. It turned out that the leather worker was the same one that had worked on Taya’s ear bandolier after the group’s return from the Grunewald Lodge. He actually gave them a small discount for the sheathe, which worked rather well for the duo since they didn’t have a lot of coin left at this point.

Once done with that, the two of them headed outside the city walls, much to Brigitte’s consternation and hesitation, to practice with the blade. After she was reassured that the walls would always be within view, they set out a few paces from the walls to the tree line and Taya spent the next few hours getting Brigitte used to the feel of the dagger when holding it and throwing it.

[Todo: More goes here]

Session 12

[After a bit of a hiatus (due to the GM moving), the game resumes!]

The players continue their movement around Ubersreik. They’ve been trying to glean some information with little significant success. This has led them to conclude they must consult with the Temple of Sigmar and (potentially) the residents of Magnus’ Tower to learn ways to hunt down and root out the cult leader that fled from the hunting lodge.

After an uneventful day, the apothecary decided he wanted to learn more about how the narcotic-like poison they’d been infected with at the hunting lodge worked and mixed some of the salvaged powder into his tea. He thinks he’s figured out what part of the taste stands out from untainted tea, but he’s still not quite up to the task of shrugging off the effects.

The trio then started to head back to their lodgings unaware of the figure that followed them.
Once back at the lodgings, the three went to their respective rooms. Eventually, though, Gorfrey decided he needed to get out for a bit of a jaunt. As he headed to the Artisans Quarter, the same figure followed him. HOwever, this time, Taya noticed the figure and decided fair was fair and followed as well.

Gorfrey managed to find the house of ill repute he’d been seeking and, after parting with some silver, headed in. The figure stayed in the shadows waiting for his eventual exit.

Taya, managing to slip up close with the eerie grace of the wood elves, calmly tapped the figure on the shoulder and received a response of “Please don’t hurt me!” After a few moments of conversation, Taya decided she should take the figure, a human female, to go talk to the boss, Gorfrey. However, they were stopped by the same person that allowed Gorfrey to enter the building.

Reconsidering the idea, despite the bouncer’s offer to let them both in for the price of one, Taya marched the female back to their lodgings where she introduced her to Bastian. AFter more discussion, the three headed indoors where the female, whose name they learned was Brigitte, was allowed to sleep under Taya’s watchful eye until Gorfrey’s return.

As the sun came up the next morning, Gorfrey, with a spring in his step, returned to the lodging and he spoke with Bastian about Brigitte. Eventually all four of them spoke together and it was decided that Brigitte would join them. Taya was tasked with acquiring a suitable blade for Brigitte’s use and showing her a bit of how to defend herself.

Quote of the session:
“She’s a thief.”
“That could be useful.”
“Why does everyone keep saying that?”

Session 11
A Return to Ubersreik

[GM’s note: This session happened some time ago and the PCs were successful. However, I forgot to put that information up here for all to enjoy.

Key things that happened include Otto showing the PCs where the cultists had been hiding and where they sacrificed their victim. Additionally, they learned that the head of their cult got away. They gleaned a few other bits of useful information as well. Once they completed their interrogation of the cultists, the lord of the manor had the cultists executed on the spot. Life is rough in the Reikland, especially if you get caught helping the forces of Chaos.

The manor is in a bit of a shambles, what with the broken down outer wall and the destroyed manor doors. However, they were able to cobble up enough material to reinforce the gaping hole that was once the main entrance.

Returning back to Ubersreik with the lord and his manservant, the PCs sought to re-equip themselves and prepare to hunt down the cultist leader. They had been pointed to stromdorf initially, but they wanted to get some reinforcements (or at least information) in Ubersreik as well.

In town, they’ve heard rumors of an upcoming masquerade ball meant to help the nobility vie for positions of leadership over the town. They weren’t too thrilled to hear about this until they learned that their patron (of a sort) is one of those ‘in the running.’

We’ll see where they go next.]

Session 10
To the Roof

[The GM still has lots of details to add to this entry. The scene opened with the heroes in the main hall of the lodge, catching their breath. Taya made the effort to stabilize the hounds master after Bastian showed her how things were done by helping her bandage her own wounds along with those on Gorfrey. Shortly after that, the captain of the guard asked that the heroes head up top to see what that cackle was all about. He said that they would find help getting access to the roof from the second floor. From the second floor, they found an acolyte of Sigmar that directed them to the bedroom of the lord of the manor where they found an access to the roof.

Once to the roof, Taya was the first to get to the top. As she tried to sneak out and get some sort of idea of what was going on, she was spotted by those already up top. As they sounded the alert, the others joined Taya on the roof. Once all three were on the roof, the folks already on the roof started advancing and attacking the heroes with one of the attackers firing a shot from a blunderbuss that missed wildly. The dwarf was able to dodge one of those attackers, the gardener, that ended up leading to the gardener taking a very literal flying leap off the roof of the manor. Taya was able to get the better of the one who had wielded the blunderbuss, using her lethal blades to very good effect, ending his life before kicking his body over the edge of the roof.

Bastian attempted to get the drop on Gregor, who has started showing the signs of mutation with a bulging, bulbous eye, as he held the painting that has been haunting the dreams of a couple of the heroes. The painting itself looked moist, as if it had been soaked in a dark, sticky liquid and Bastian thought it would be a good idea to take a swing at. Unfortunately, he missed.]

Session 9
A Grim Fight Concludes

[Once more, your local GM has not kept the session logs up to date. This log will have to be fleshed out to talk about how Bastian, Taya, and Gorfrey were pinned down into the lodge house by a force of gor led by a wargor. The fight concluded with the demise of all the beastmen but the captain of the guard was severely wounded and the hounds master was knocked unconscious. Just as the heroes finished off those beastmen, they heard a loud cackle from somewhere above.]

Session 8
Some fighting

[The GM needs to put in some detail about this session in here. Sysha woke up in the hospice, Gorfrey tried to snipe from the windows, Taya and Bastion fought alongside the captain, the houndmaster, and the hounds]

Session 7
It's all about teamwork

As we picked things up for tonight’s session, Bastian and Taya were already outside the manor with Bastian standing guard over the southwest corner of the walls. Gorfrey was following behind and for a moment thought he may have heard something but decided he didn’t.

Once outside, Bastian and Taya stayed on the walls looking for any sign of the beastmen Taya had already reported seeing.

Gorfrey, deciding he couldn’t get up the walls to join the others, headed back inside to head to the hospice. Once there, he took Sister Sonja up at her offer and curled up in one of the vacant beds. Despite hearing a loud vibration of a rusty door opening through the peculiarities of the vibration through the bed, Gorfrey stayed in bed and continued to rest.

After a bit of time passed, the others outside finally caught glimpse of the beastmen from earlier as they approached the south wall with piles of sticks and the like that they threw into teh ditch surrounding the outer wall. Taya and Bastian proceeded to pick off those they could and Bastian even managed to set the growing pile on fire.

Once the light shined down there, they realized it wasn’t the few they had seen previously. There were easily a dozen ungor prodded on by half that many gor and one large wargor driving them all forward.

Bastian and Taya were soon joined by Captain Anders (his sword already bloody) and Gand as they started to fight off the waves of attackers. Deciding this wasn’t working well in their favour, they scaled down the inner side of the wall and started to fight a tactical retreat. Soon they heard loud thuds as the wargor decided to attack the wall from the outside as multiple gor did the same from the inside.

Will they make it back to the manor house? Will the wall come tumbling down? Will the Tilean war hound recover from being shot in the haunch by Taya?


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