Sysha Vespare


Singer/Lutist by trade, she is the youngest of 5 (3 older brothers, 1 older sister) to the wealthy Vespare family from Stomdorf. University educated, she decided to get more “true life experience” by living solely on the means of a performer for awhile. Once the resident performer in a city concert hall, she got into a dispute with the hall’s owner and talks little about the content of the argument. She currently takes any gig she can get, whether it be in a concert hall, or out in the streets.

Sysha has some secrets, mostly to do with her family and that argument at the concert hall. She currently doesn’t have any love interests, but that could change. She kind of goes with the flow, yet remains open-minded. Typical enemies, despises not only those who are mean-spirited and nasty, but also unprincipled.

Sysha met Gorfrey at a hall performance (different hall, one night performance there) when a noisy, drunk audience member disturbed her performance. Gorfrey confronted the man and it turns out that guy owned him money anyway. As a way to repay her debt, Sysha accompanies Gorfrey on his adventures. She knows Bastian Ruth and Taya through Gorfrey.

Sysha Vespare

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