Short and blonde, Brigitte presents a face of innocence to the world. Her child-like features lend her a youthful appearance, and her frank, forthright manner causes many to underestimate her. When speaking, her height forces her to look up at almost everyone, allowing her to play the curious young girl perfectly. Brigitte carefully cultivates this image.


Brigitte has no family that she can name. She was born in a dock-side whore house in
Marienburg, and given at her birth to a procurer specializing in child-prostitutes. Raised from
infancy to a life of sexual slavery, she ran at the first opportunity, and lived on the streets. By
chance, she discovered a talent for thievery.
Marienburg produces as many thieves as whores, and all of them form a part of the
corrupt network protecting thieves from an inept government. Brigitte found a patron in
one Tobias Thorsten, a minor crime lord. Thorsten located her marks, sold her takings, and
kept a large percentage of the profits in kick-backs. In return, he protected her from local law
enforcement. Recognizing a talented thief, Thorsten also introduced her to Markus Ulrich.
Ulrich holds the thieving lord’s seat on the Lords Council, Marienburg’s powerful shadow
government of crime lords.
For several months, Ulrich and Brigitte were lovers. When she tried to leave him, Ulrich
was furious. He pulled strings and framed Brigitte for the theft of a valuable set of jewels,
rumored to have graced the neck of the queen of Araby. Without the protection of Thorsten or
the Lords Council, Brigitte fled.
The past month has seen her slipping from barge to barge and among trees, searching
for employment and desperate to put as much distance as possible between herself and Markus
Ulrich and the Lords Council. Although her talents lie in deception and burglary, Brigitte tries
to keep to her own convoluted code of honor. She will not steal from her employers, and unless
crossed, she will not lie (although she may withhold information). She has no experience in
self-defense, and instead relies upon her aura of child-like innocence to convince those around
her to protect her physically. Her desperation for work has led her to consider almost any form
of employment. She draws the line only at prostitution, remembering the whore-houses of her


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