Bastian Ruth

A young apothecary from a small town.


Bastian is a young man of medium height and build, clad in the plain clothes of a commoner. His dark brown hair is cut short and his blue eyes, when not focused on work or study, betray a youthful curiousity and hunger for knowledge. He walks with a slightly uneasy gait, seemingly ill at ease with unfamiliar surroundings. His voice, when he speaks, is light and hesitant, but gains an air of confidence and authority when he speaks about his areas of expertise.


Bastian hails from Hugeldal, a small town on the edge of the forest, where he trained as an apothecary under the tutelage of his aunt.

He and his older sister, Adabelle, were the only children in his family to survive to adulthood. His uncle and aunt had no children who survived infancy, and he became a favourite of theirs, the son they never had. His aunt showed him the way of plants and medicines, while his uncle took him hunting where he learned the ways of animals as well.

In Hugeldal, he assisted his aunt in caring for the sick and wounded there. As Hugeldal is somewhat on the outskirts of civilization, the town and those nearby had some trouble with greenskins and beastmen. Lacking fully trained physicians, Bastian and his aunt Ernestine shouldered the load. Bastian was tending to Adabelle’s husband, his brother-in-law, when he died of mysterious strain of flu. Realizing and frustrated by the limits of what he could learn in Hugeldal, he decided to leave to seek further knowledge and experience.

Bastian knows only the fundamentals of religion, but would be interested in learning more of the lore of the gods and the spiritual world. At the moment, he pays a general homage to Sigmar, and also has a reverence for Nature—giver of bounty, taker of life, healer and poisoner. He respects her for both the medicines she provides and the dangers she nourishes. He dislikes those who disrespect Nature, as well as those unnatural creatures who are an affront to her.

Bastian has a general kinship with other healers, and a more formal loyalty to members of the Apothecary Guild and Physicians guild, to whom he knows he must defer. He approves of those who value Nature, and holds in contempt those who would abuse or disrespect her. He is slow to make true friends, but recognizes loyalty to those “on the same team” so to speak, and definitely will do his part in a group effort.

He has a revulsion for greenskins and beastmen, and for their human equivilent, bullies. Witnessing bullying behavior, especially domestic violence, can easily bring rage to this mostly quiet, calm young man.

Bastian Ruth

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