Session 23

When the Champagne Flowed

Gorfrey, Taya, and Erich trained in the courtyard, trying to impress the others training around them. Taya made Erich look like the boss. Gorfrey snapped out a surprise shot from his crossbow. In short, they were noticed and the others nodded their approval.

Bastian and Brigitte questioned the servants in the kitchen. Helga (the cook) had feelings for Pietr and seemed to be a bit choked up when given the news of his death. Found out the guards tended to patronize the Stewpot and the militia favored the Thunderwater Inn. Curiously, Helga seemed to favor the drink a bit much.

Sysha headed to the town hall on an errand for Captain Kessler. There she met with the Burgomeister’s clerk. Sysha was trying to hide evidence of the document theft and the clerk was less than impressed with Sysha’s organizational skills. The clerk then helped Sysha understand the layout of the files and seemed to ease up on the attitude.

The group met up once more at dinner time where they discussed next steps with some having the intent of checking in on the cook and others heading to the Stewpot to reconnoiter under the cover of Sysha’s performance.

Just before the group could split up, they saw Hochen step out of the Stewpot. Before they could react, he saw them and they shared a tense moment of recognition. Then Hochen turned tail and ran. Taya, Erich, and Bastian gave chase while the others rushed to the garrison to check on Helga.

The chasers split up with Taya seeking the high ground, Bastian sticking to the shadows, and the burly Erich making himself the obvious chaser to keep Hochen from slowing down or turning around to fight. Erich was a bit too good and scared Hochen enough that Hochen lost his footing and slid in the mud,. He scrambled to his feet, barely looking back, as he led them to a dilapidated building up against the city wall. Taya took up position on the roof overlooking the side door. Erich made lots of noise at the front door and Bastian moved into position to cover the side door.

The others initially found Helga in the kitchen where Brigitte tried to gain Helga’s confidence as the others watched through a window. Helga kept demanding a name, but Brigitte wouldn’t (couldn’t?) share it with her which only served to frustrate Helga who felt Brigitte was withholding the information from her. Eventually, Brigitte said she had heard that the name “Gregor” was involved somehow. Helga implored Brigitte to bring any new information about Gregor to her before turning it over to Captain Kessler. Brigitte then “left” but actually hid outside with the others to spy on Helga.

Helga disappeared from view and the three spies followed her into the garrison. They were initially confused because there did not appear to be a door Helga could have used. After some searching, they (much to their chagrin) realized Helga must have used the cellar entrance they found in the floor behind a counter.

Gorfrey led the way down and the others joined him. Together, the trio looked around a cold cellar area and Brigitte noticed the lit lantern hanging off the wall. They also found a hole in the wall that looked like it was recently and deliberately made, which must have been the cook’s only means of egress.



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