Session 22

The Meeting with Captain Kessler

The group wrapped their meeting with Lector Magnus and then headed over to meet up with Sysha and have lunch. While there, Brigitte exerted some influence to make Erich behave, saying he could only use “Please” “Thank you” and “Yes, Ma’am” given his last encounter with the cook.

Meeting with Kessler. Went well and was only helped more by the attendance of Lector Magnus. It gave the group some credibility. They were offiically asked to investigate the corruption. He’s worried that others may have been affected at the Garrison. Gave us permission to see the Burgomeister with the understanding that the corruption would be resolved first. The thinking was that Bastian might be able to help cure what ails him.

  • Sysha got hired to help with paperwork.
  • Brigitte and Bastian were to question the workers subtly.

Quotes of the night: “I am yes scary. Please.” and “We’re looking for a merchant by the name of I-don’t-have-my-book-today.”



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