Session 21

For Realz this time

The group got Pietr out of town unseen and Bastian tried to play good doctor to get info. That didn’t work as well as hoped.
Gorfrey ended up intimidating Pietr for information. That worked better. Some key pieces they learned included:

  • Pietr brought Gregor to here to recover.
  • Gregor almost back to full strength.
  • Gregor in some place that Pietr once knew in the area.
  • The two met in Ubersreik.
  • Pietr was more afraid of what Gregor might do to him than of death.

Almost as if on cue, Pietr started oozing puss from every opening and started convulsing (signs of corruption). Taya shot him without hesitation and Gorfrey directed Brigitte to burn the body.

The group worked together to concoct a false story about being ambushed by Pietr during a training session. With that story ready, they went to Sigmar’s temple to reveal the corruption where they met the overzealous acolyte (Claudwig) and the head of the temple (Lector Magnus) who took the group to the basements to talk more openly and shared that he recognized the group from the dreams he’d been having.

His dreams portrayed the group as heroes and showed the beastmen burning Stromdorf with the dead clawing up from somewhere (they weren’t sure if it was from graves or somewhere else). Additionally, he saw dancing green devils before a hungry maw consuming innocents. Finally he saw Stromdorf sunk beneath a lake.

Lector Magnus will go with us to meet up with Captain Kessler after lunch.



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