Session 20

And the party comes back together

[Dice rolled a bit more in the players’ favor tonight. Was really necessary given the poor rolls last session.]

  • At the Town Hall:
    • Brigitte and Taya managed to get the drop on the three stalkers.
    • They quickly made quick work of two of the stalkers and wounded the third, choosing to let this one live (after cutting off his sword hand and watching him go into shock), but also chose to take him with them so they could find out what he knew later on.
    • They made some noise when one of the other two fell back out the window they had come in and fell to the ground below.
    • Looking around, they chose to flee out past the secretary’s alcove, run down the hall and exit from the far side of the building.
    • After a few tense moments in the downpour as they tried to flee stealthily during which they nearly lost the paperwork that Brigitte had secreted away, they managed to make their way back to the Thunderwater Inn, hiding until the others returned.
  • At the Stewpot:
    • Sysha saw the three at the table and recognized the one from earlier that morning, but was really shocked to see him brandishing a dagger
    • Bastian caught on to the looks from Sysha and figured out what was happnening. Performing a bit of sleight-of-hand himself, he managed to slip a concoction into their drinks. This led to some not-so-fun moments for that trio.
    • Erich initially followed them to the lavatory but quickly decided to wait just outside the door until the performance ended.
    • Sysha’s performance improved during the second half, so much so that Captain Kessler chose to extend an invitation to Sysha and her companions to visit with him the next day so they could ask him the questions they’d been wanting to ask.
    • Erich got Gorfrey’s attention and the dwarf conducted an impromptu questioning of the three, managing to get two of them to turn on the third in exchange for a bit of antidote. They didn’t really know much of worth but were still able to get some relief.
    • Gorfrey and Erich escorted the third person out the back door and “convinced” him to fill in the rest of the blanks.
    • Once things wrapped up, the group returned to the Thunderwater Inn.

[GM to add notes later.]



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