Session 19

Splitting the Party

  • At the Stewpot:
    • Sysha worked on her performance and had a rocky first half.
    • Gorfrey had a table to himself.
    • Bastian made a poultice for Gorfrey (the application of which led to Gorfrey having the table to himself)
    • Bastian sat at another table where Sysha’s parents sat with Captain Kessler.
    • Erich worked as the bouncer during the performance.
    • At another table sat some people that nobody (initially) paid attention to.
  • At the Town Hall:
    • Taya and Brigitte decided to use that time to sneak to the town hall at the center of town and snoop around for informaion about the missing merchant.
    • Brigitte found some paperwork that seemed to be related to the merchant and stuffed it in her coat to protect it from the elements when they left.
    • Before they could leave, Taya and Brigitte heard movement at the window and hid in the shadows
    • Three figures entered the room, specifically seeking out those two.
    • Taya managed to recognize one of them.

[GM’s Note: Add details from notes soon.]


While applying the poultice to his ailing privates, Gorfrey explained what he was doing in his best Reikspiel:

“Ich bin fixen meinen Uberschlongen”.

Session 19

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