Session 18

A Little Family Time

[Session started with the characters at the Stewpot Hostelry.

  • Sysha spent much time talking with the halfling that runs the place.
  • One of the watchmen seemed interested in Sysha as she tried speaking with the watchmen.
  • Another of the watchmen attempted to chat up Brigitte.
  • That was cut short as Taya pulled back her hood. His reaction was to stop talking very suddenly after getting a good look at her, then standing up to leave, taking the rest of the watchmen with him.
  • After that point, Taya made sure to keep her hood up and her face hidden. She didn’t want a repeat of that reaction.
  • The group visited the blacksmith. Bastian planned to return to get his axe sharpened.
  • Taya and Brigitte went to the Temple of Sigmar and spoke with the acolyte that was watching the altar. No pews were in this particular temple.
  • Massive bolt of lightning struck the temple as Brigitte tried looking behind the heavy curtains to see the heavy double doors. The crash of thunder that accompanied the lightning caused everyone in the temple to suddenly be hard of hearing. Taya, standing near the open doorway, was less affected.
  • Bastian returned from the blacksmith after getting his axe sharpened and saw the lightning strike the temple.
  • Sysha spent some time visiting her parents. Erich came with and was sent to the kitchen to get some food as the hired help.
  • Erich started getting along well with the cook but managed to insert foot into opened mouth by saying, “Well, you’re just useless to me.” The sandwich was promptly taken away.
  • Sysha invited her parents to see her perform that night at the stewpot. She asked them to invite the acting head of the town.

Quotes of the night:

  • “Can you tell the pianist to keep it down?”
  • “It sounded like I smell.”
  • “I’m going conservative.” “Why?” “Because I don’t want him to poop on me.”



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