Session 16

What did he say?

Tonight’s session revolved around trying to stop/capture/what-have-you the cloaked figure that had placed an arrow in front of Taya with an eerie bit of accuracy.

Bullet points of tonight’s events:

  • The rain continues to fall and what should have been hard-packed dirt is very soft mud.
  • Figure turned out to be a very young elf
  • Figure was unarmed. No weapons of any kind were found on this figure.
  • The figure could not speak specifics when particular questions were asked. This also applied to when the figure tried to write the answers.
  • The heroes performed some first aid on the figure to try to make up for the attempted killing.

When things ended, Brigitte noticed several figures out in the rain approaching with weapons at the ready. Bastian stands alone outside in front of the barn where the others remain, talking with the captured elf.

Quote of the night: Gorfrey to Brigitta “Yeah, we ARE going to stay here and have a beer. Except for you. You are going to go and find Taya.”

Honorable mention (OOC): “I feel a disturbance in the Force, as if a million party members cried out, ‘You asshole!’”


Taya is confused. This poor kid isn’t making any sense! Since when has Alantai, her brother, had anywhere near the kind of magical or political power indicated by the boy’s responses (and lack thereof)? Why does he want her to go home? What possible use could she be to him? Not that she’ll go to help him, of course, but she worries about what game he may be playing with others in their community. And, to top things off, her personal life is getting her companions into trouble. Stars and stones, why does Alantai have to make everything so difficult?!?

Session 16

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