Session 15

A New Face, A New Town

[GM Notes: In this session, We had a player join us and all the characters traveled from Ubersreik to Stromdorf. Details need to be added here. Maybe one of the players will add that info? Who knows?]

Bullet points of events:

  • The new character is Erich, a human thug – a character hailing from the docks section of Ubersreik. More details need to be fleshed out (including creating the rest of the character).
  • Erich and Brigitte traveled to Stromdorf via boat. Erich was able to get a kickback from the dockhand unbeknownst to Brigitte.
  • Brigitte saved the boat and most of the crew by making an amazing check to steer the boat to shore after the collapsed bridge swpet the ship’s captain overboard and nearly capsized the boat.
  • In Stromdorf, Brigitte and Erich found the inn where the others were staying.
  • Taya headed to the inn from the nearby barn to talk with the others. As she headed back, a launched arrow was shot into the doorframe just in front of her. Sensing this to be an attack, she signaled for the others and took refuge in the barn.
  • Eventually joined by the others, Taya led the chase/attack to capture the figure that shot the arrow at her.



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