Session 14

From One Town to Another

[GM Note: This session happened the day before Thanksgiving (the U.S. version) and was quite enjoyable.]

The heroes (is that what they call them?) have decided they had enough information to start their search for the missing merchant and they are anxious to resume the search for the people that fled from the lodge. They were a bit put out they were not able to get help from the Sigmarites and couldn’t get access to the Tower of Magnus. I guess the world really is out to get them.

They headed out by foot for their journey to Stromdorf the next morning. They were unable to find any indication of Brigitte so Gorfrey, Taya, and Bastian decided to start their journey without her. They did leave a note for her in the assumption that Brigitte could read and would be able to learn of their journey.

There was really no delay seen on the first day. The way was brightly lit and the sun and few clouds in the sky were a welcome respite from the memories of the evening battle with the beastmen and cultists at the hunting lodge. Taya showed some skill in providing rabbit for a nice hot meal when they stopped their journey for the day.

Waking up to day 2, the adventurers were greeted with a cloudy and overcast sky. They continued their journey and were soon walking in a gentle rain. They had a brief stop for a cold lunch as there was no cover for them to use to light a fire and they knew they would not be able to keep it lit otherwise. The leftover rabbit provided a subtle reminder of the warmth from last night’s fire but it wasn’t enough to provide a respite.

Shortly after lunch, as the adventurers resumed their journey, the sky opened up with a vengeance as the wind and rain really started to pummel them. Taya seemed almost happy as she reveled in the feeling of being truly away from the city and back in the natural environment for a change.

[GM note: More later.]



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