Session 10

To the Roof

[The GM still has lots of details to add to this entry. The scene opened with the heroes in the main hall of the lodge, catching their breath. Taya made the effort to stabilize the hounds master after Bastian showed her how things were done by helping her bandage her own wounds along with those on Gorfrey. Shortly after that, the captain of the guard asked that the heroes head up top to see what that cackle was all about. He said that they would find help getting access to the roof from the second floor. From the second floor, they found an acolyte of Sigmar that directed them to the bedroom of the lord of the manor where they found an access to the roof.

Once to the roof, Taya was the first to get to the top. As she tried to sneak out and get some sort of idea of what was going on, she was spotted by those already up top. As they sounded the alert, the others joined Taya on the roof. Once all three were on the roof, the folks already on the roof started advancing and attacking the heroes with one of the attackers firing a shot from a blunderbuss that missed wildly. The dwarf was able to dodge one of those attackers, the gardener, that ended up leading to the gardener taking a very literal flying leap off the roof of the manor. Taya was able to get the better of the one who had wielded the blunderbuss, using her lethal blades to very good effect, ending his life before kicking his body over the edge of the roof.

Bastian attempted to get the drop on Gregor, who has started showing the signs of mutation with a bulging, bulbous eye, as he held the painting that has been haunting the dreams of a couple of the heroes. The painting itself looked moist, as if it had been soaked in a dark, sticky liquid and Bastian thought it would be a good idea to take a swing at. Unfortunately, he missed.]



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