Session 1

Everything has a beginning

Tonight marked the last of character creation. The party of Gorfrey, Bastian Ruth, Taya, and Sysha has been composed and received word of their first task as a group.

Gorfrey received a missive from the Dwarfs’ Engineers Guild:

Esteemed Gorfrey,

I send this missive hoping it finds you in good health and spirits.

As the newest representative of our guild in the Old World, you have quite a burden to carry to prove yourself worthy of the trust and responsibility placed on you by the elders of the Engineers Guild.

As you know, from time to time you will be called upon to further the interests of the guild. This is one of those times.

A known associate and sometimes business partner of the guild, Aschaffenberg, has summoned assistance from our guild to help his son who has recently relocated to a family hunting cabin not far from Ubersreik.

We have no specific details to provide you at this time. Meet with his man‚ąíservant, Vern Hendrick, at the Red Moon Inn.

This will call for discretion, but it is not to be undertaken alone. Make sure that any you are able to act with the same discretion. His manservant will have details for your transportation to the hunting cabin.

Additionally, this work will yield 6 shillings per day for you and each of your associates along with expenses incurred. This was previously negotiated by the guild so the manservant should not find this a surprise.

Send back word when you have completed this mission via the normal channels.

Rurik Agnarsson
Assistant to the Lead Black Powder Engineer
Engineers Guild

Overheard in tonight’s game:
Dwarf to Elf: “Do you know how to use a bow?”
Elf response to Dwarf: “Do you drink beer?”

More later. Excited to be playing.



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